We send heartfelt messages in the best way possible.

"The world is not a kind place to be in" - that was how the pandemic hit us. Our core jobs took a hit and before we know it, we were struggling to make ends meet.

It all took a turn when we received a heartwarming gift from a friend. We felt moved, thought of, motivated, and above all, loved. It was then when the idea struck us; are there others out there could use a little love, a little encouragement? Oh how much it'll brighten up their day to receive a little box of joy during these uncertain times!

And viola! Kindmakers was born -

We exist to spread a little joy in the midst of all the chaos and confusion. An opportunity for people to be able to send their love during occasions that they have to miss, where they can't be physically present, or just a little something to brighten up someone's day.

Our Ethos

  • Honest, transparent & kind

    We seek to empower people to practice kindness in their everyday lives. An act of kindness paid forward makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  • Mindful packaging & sourcing

    Our classic gift boxes are curated with the environment in mind; not packed with any plastic packaging.

    Our box contents are curated carefully, most of which are packed in recyclable materials and produced sustainably ​

  • Mindful gifting

    Curating gifts that go into our boxes are highly important to us.

    We only choose items that we'll use ourselves and taste test approved.

Our gift boxes are curated with items you hardly see on shelves - these are from amazing independent, typically small-batch artisanal makers.

Our Team

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